- Privacy Policy

We perceive that security of your own data is vital. Here is data on what sorts of individual data we get and gather when you utilize and visit our site, and how we shield your data. We never pitch your own data to outsiders.

Log Files
Similarly as with most different sites, we gather and utilize the information contained in log records. The data in the log documents incorporate your IP (Internet Protocol) address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider, for example, AOL or Shaw Cable), the program you used to visit our webpage, (for example, Firefox or Internet Explorer), the time you went to our website and which pages you went to all through our webpage

Email Address is a free substance site. We don't require any data from you (not even a login name or password). We don't pitch any data from our site to any outside party. The main email sent from our sites is in light of a request that you may send us or accordingly of joining our twofold select in email list. In the event that anything becomes obvious which could possibly be an infringement of this policy, please let us know promptly with the goal that we can explore it and attempt to right it.

Cookies and Web Beacons

We do utilize cookies to store data, for example, your own inclinations when you visit our site. This could incorporate just demonstrating to you a popup once in your visit, or the capacity to login to some of our components, for example, forums. We likewise utilize outsider commercials to bolster our site CouponKent. Some of these publicists may utilize innovation, for example, cookies and web reference points when they publicize on our website, which will likewise send these sponsors, (for example, Google through the Google AdSense program) data including your IP address, your ISP , the program you used to visit our webpage, and at times, regardless of whether you have Flash introduced. This is for the most part utilized for geotargeting purposes (indicating New York land advertisements to somebody in New York, for instance) or demonstrating certain promotions in view of particular destinations went to, (for example, indicating cooking advertisements to somebody who frequents cooking locales). You can crippled or specifically kill our cookies or third party cookies in your program settings, or by overseeing inclinations in projects, for example, Norton Internet Security. Be that as it may, this can influence how you can connect with our webpage and also different sites. This could incorporate the powerlessness to login to administrations or projects, for example, signing into forums or accounts. We utilize outsider promoting organizations to serve advertisements when you visit our site. These organizations may utilize data (excluding your name, address, email address, or phone number) about your visits to this and different sites with a specific end goal to give promotions about products and enterprises important to you. This Website utilizes Google for notices

Privacy Policy of Third Parties

This Privacy Policy just addresses the utilization and exposure of data by CouponKent through your cooperation with the sites. Other sites/vendors that might be available through connections from our site CouponKent may have their own particular protection strategies and individual data accumulation, utilize, and revelation rehearses. Our vendors and business accomplices may have their own particular security proclamations, as well. We urge you to confirm the security proclamations given by these different parties preceding furnishing them with data or exploiting an offer or advancement.